Emily Smith + Michael Friese

Karina Pazos + Sarah Stachnik
creative directors

Kim Higgins
deputy editor

Morgan Fett + Matthew Tse
symposium Directors

Peter Swinton
director of distribution + finance

Karis Tzeng
director of fundraising and outreach

Meagan Gibeson
manager of communications


The title of this year’s journal is Transformations. Built environments are in a constant state of change. The articles explore a variety of ways in which urban areas are transforming. Nadia Karizat in her article “The Story of Public Space” explores the transformations that have occurred in Beirut after the Lebanese Civil War. Ester Lo in her design piece entitled “Wearable Society” imagines a not-so-distant future where individual wearable technologies connect people with the urban fabric, allowing real-time transformations of the built environment. We are challenged by Emily Richards in “Seems like the Ghetto,” which exposes how language and perception combine to transform physical space in insidious ways.