Letter from the Chair - Joseph Grengs

Letter from the Editor - Karen Otzen

Creating an Inclusive Public Space - Karis Tzeng

The Chawls and Slums of Mumbai - Tithi Sanyal

Sidewalks of Conflict - Laura Devine

The Health Implications of Public Transportation - A. Camille McBride

Islands of Light - Tyler Fitch

Aspirations of Economic Resilience - Grace Cho

Practitioner Perspectives, Equity, and Tradeoffs - Prathmesh Gupta

The City of Tomorrow . . . Today - Ryan Schell

Making the Middle - Peter Swinton

Social Cohesion and Economic Justice - Christopher Rodriguez

Racially Restrictive Covenants in the United States - Nancy H. Welsh


Letter from the Chair - Richard Norton

Letter from the Editor - Taylor LaFave

The Case for Bridge Planning and Cross Cultural Practice - Grace Cho

Urban Climate Adaptation and Resisting the Urge to Panic - Rich Bunnell

New Genre Public Art and the Law - Daniel Sharp

Racial Residential Integration in America - Rebecca Labov

An Architectural Approach to Coastal Infrastructure - Frank Gibase IV

Striving for Just Green Enough - Calli VanderWilde

The Catalytic Escalators of Hong Kong - Liz Szatko

Housing for Returning Offenders in the United States - Rachel Baccile

Post-Trauma Aesthetics - Adam Abou-Aleiwi + Erika Linenfelser

The Application of the Internet of Things to Enhance Urban Sustainability - Shufan Zhang

The Regulation of Transportation Network Companies - Deanna Dupuy 



Letter from the Dean - Robert Fishman

State of the Journal - Mike Lydon

Letter from the Editor - Mikah Zaslow

Arriving at Employment - Mike Auerbach, Kathleen Reilly, Yuting Sun

Unbalanced Saudi Arabia - Bader Bajaber

Revitalizing Urban Gardens - Sanaz Chamanara, Amirreza Kazemeini

Hybrid NoHam - Mike Davis, Jr., Lesley Rivera

Complex Sustainability - Mackenzie Lehon

Benefits and Costs -  Kathleen Reilly

Gentrification as Recolonization - Michelle Rubin

Symposium 002: What Makes a Place Refugee Ready? - Aayat Ali, Jennifer Bohl, Scott Fox, Diego Garcia Blanco, Stephanie Gerretsen

Reincarnation - Alana Tucker

From Division to Fusion - Jiqiong Wang




Letter from the Dean - Monica Ponce de Leon

State of the Journal - Scott Campbell

Letter from the Editor - Alexandra Markiewicz

Trimming Back the Fair Housing Act - Nick Kabat

Examining the Los Angeles Metro - Frank Romo

Eminent Domain - Luke Norman

Redesigning Empty - Tianyi Gu

Symposium 001: Policy Brutaility - Dr. Harley F. Etienne, Michelle Bennett, Danielle Jacobs, Lacey Sigmon

The Politics of Power and Public Space - Wajiha Ibrahim

The Push for Tax Credit Reform - Brad Vogelsmeier

Shared Equity Homeownership - Matt Warfield

A Dichotomy of Cultures - Pier Amelia Davis

Divided Cities - Parisa Mard Mehdiabadi




From the Chair - Richard Norton

Alternatives - Alexandria Stankovich

Progressive Planning in Conservation Communities - Cole Grisham

Crowdfunding Community Projects - Elizabeth Treutel

Combining Fragments into a Vibrant Whole - Jason Wong

Tribal Planning in the Face of Environmental Injustice - Terra Reed

The Remembrance of a Moon Village - Seul Lee

International Cooperative Housing - Pamela Schaeffer

The Mortgage Interest Deduction - Xang Yan

Cleared for Development - Clare Kang, Katherin Knapp, Nolan Sandberg, Julia Stuebing

Strategic Demolition - Matthew Story

Securing Neighborhoods - Andrew Goddeeris

Narrative in Urban Theory - Napong Tao Kugkhapan




Letter from the Editor - Katharine Pan

Embracing Smart Decline - Payton Heins

Public Transit Market 101: Why and How Public Transit Agencies Need to Market - Melinda Morang

Critiquing the Culture of Critiquing the Culture of Sprawl - Eric Paul Dennis

Going the Distance: A Regional Analysis of Food Accessibility in the Detroit Tri-County Area - Elias Schewel, Eric Seymour

Decentralization of Ghana - Elizabeth Renckens

Power of the People: A Pedestrian-Centric Manhattan - Patrick Ethen

Cure or Bandage? New York City's 80/20 Program - Joseph Jones

Politics and Planning of the I-81 Corridor in Syracuse, New York - Elizabeth Renckens

Architecture-City: Structuring Urban Environments - Branden Clements

The Environmental Paradox of Cities: Getting Around Dubai - Douglas Kelbaugh

The Afterlife of Malls - John Drain

Hong Kong - Michelle Lam




Letter from the Editor - Katharine Pan

Learning from the American Ghetto: A Comprehensive Analysis of African American Inner Cities - Paul D. Irwin

Tall Urban Form and Counting as an Expression of Power - Jonathan E. Tarr

The Demolition of the Cabrini-Green White Walls Towers - Dorothy Schwankl

From Finance to Physical Plan: Construction of Garbatella from Garden City Principles - Susannah Cramer-Greenbaum

Reconsideration of the Rise and Fall of Detroit Through the Lens of Non-Place - Eric Paul Dennis

The Spectacle Park: Emergence of a Sixth Urban Park Typology - Lauren Williams

Analysis of the Maximization of LEED Points for the Construction of a Mid-Rise Apartment Complex - Andrew Fang, Nathan Niese, Lindsay Sharpe, Morgane Treanton

Re-Imagining Round Rock - Susannah Cramer-Greenbaum, Erica Wannamacher

Safety, Mode Share, and Segregated Bicycle Infrastructure - Melinda Morang

Southwest Detroit Wind Feasibility Study - Kristin Baja, Melvin Gains, Billy Ho, Clay Martin, Julie Schnieder, Virgilio Sklar

Light Rail Transit on Woodward Avenue in Detroit, MI: An Analysis of Two Proposed Alignments - Kevin Burns McCoy

Missed Connection? A Critical Evaluation of the Woodward Avenue Light Rail Project - Eric Seymour, Diana Flora




Letter from the Editor - Spencer Olinek

Complementing Demolition - Robert Linn

Pathologizing Place and Race: The Rhetoric of Slum Clearance and Urban Renewal, 1930-1965 - Amanda Rowe Tillotson

Inside/Outside: Urban Form in the Future - Barret Bumford

Design Charrettes - Doug Kelbaugh

Tapping Terrain Vague - Andrew Broderick

Bridge of Revitalization: An Urban Design Vision for the "New Center" District of Detroit - Scott Curry, Apoorva Alankar, Yarjia Liu, Nana Adja-Sai

The A. Alfred Taubman Center for Design Education - Damon C. Healey

Afterschool Programs to Increase Retention and Outcomes in Detroit Public Schools - Karey Quarton

The End of an Era: The Case of Public Housing in Atlanta, Georgia - Jennifer A. Williams

Failed Linkages - Leanna First-Arai

Healthy Planning: How Community Planners Can Solve the Healthcare Crisis - Michael Glynn




Letter from the Editors - Thomas S. Skuzinski, Scott Curry

The Character of Change - Matthew Schildkret

A Tale of Two Cities - Amanda Rowe Tillotson

Beyond the Pink Flamingo - Christian Runge

LEED-ing Las Vegas - Allison Craddock

Dealing with Density - Nathan Geisler

Reimagining the Lower East Side Manhattan - Danna Reyes

5th and Division - Daren Crabill

Project for Public Spaces - Daren Crabill

Pessimism, Nihilism, Sorkinism - Rachana Ky

A Comparative Study of U.S. and Swiss Transportation Systems - Marie Clarence Chollet

Bogging Down the Neighborhood - Megan Gilster




Letter from the Editor - James B. McMurray

The Ballet of 24th Street - Stephanie Etikin

The Community Reinvestment Act: Past, Present and Future - Lisa Morris

The Ballet of Camden Town - Sarah Elizabeth Ross

Youngstown: A Place for Families - Kelly Koss

Paolo Soleri: Another Urban Utopian - Catherine Gaines Sanders

Brasilia or the Limits of Theory - Christian Kroll

The Rise and Spread of Istanbul's Suburbs - Heather Smirl

Ann Arbor: A Suburban Ballet - Carolyn Pivirotto

Managing Growth in Wind Energy Production - Jon VanDerZee

Ballad of a Good City Sidewalk: Sensenti - Kimiko Doherty

Green Grassroots Efforts in Chicago: A Necessary Companion to Much Heralded Mayor Daley - Joshua D. Anderson

The Beach Ballet - James B. McMurray

Empowering or Entangling? Challenges of Participation in Development - John Scott-Railton

The Urban Ballet of Broadway - Tobias Wacker




Letter From the Editor - Kelsey Johnson

Provocations for the Global Place Conference - Robert Fishman

The Planned Transformation: A Closer Look at the Chicago Housing Authority Redevelopment Initiatives - T'Chana Bradford

Building Better Affordable Housing: A Survey of Existing Research on the Relationship between Affordable Housing and Neighboring Property Values - Thomas S. Skuzinski

Cultural Resource Management in Malacca - Tobias Wacker

The Venice Strips - Emily Schemper, Peter Winch

Temporal Meanings and Flexible Spaces in Tokyo - Anthony DeLisi

The Tango Archives: Lyrics and Collective Memory of Buenos Aires between 1890 and 1940 - Caitlyn Clauson

Losing Its Religion: Planning as Faith - Charles Kaylor

"It Takes a Village…". A Personal Response to Lewis Mumford's City in History - Thomas S. Skuzinski

Book Reviews: Sprawl. A Compact History - Amanda M. Goski

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Nortonopolis - Figure/Ground - Mike Lydon

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